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It is a permanent hair reduction of up to 90 percent with sessions that can vary between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on the region, in the appropriate structure of hair in men and women.

We use the soprano ice (ice laser) device, which is the most effective and painless system in recent years, for this purpose in our clinic. This device uses a diode laser wavelength of 810 nm.

The hairs should be razed 1 day before the application. The treatment continues with sessions once a month in the face area and every 6-8 weeks on the body. After the procedure, hair shedding is observed between 15-20 days. Ice laser hair removal can be done safely in the summer period. Only 1 week before laser, 1 week after the solarium and sun tanning should be avoided. The final response time varies according to age, hormonal level, gender, hair and skin structure, and regular attendance to sessions.

Photona sp dynamis device can also be used as an nd-fat laser in sensitive area epilations such as the face area, if needed.

Laser epilation should be applied with the right devices and under the supervision of a physician.


Botulinum toxin is a toxin obtained from the bacterium .clostridium botulinum and used in medicine for many years. In medical aesthetics, dynamic wrinkles due to mimic lines, such as frown lines, crow's feet around the eyes, and forehead lines, also offer effective treatment. Over time, its areas of influence have expanded, and it has been started to be applied in the upper lip cigarette lines, mouth corner sagging, gummy smile (gingival smile), masseter hypertrophy due to clenching, vertical lines due to platysma bands on the neck.

Another effective botox application is to treat underarm, hand and foot sweating.

Like all medical aesthetic applications, pre-application examination and evaluation are extremely important. If there is no obstacle to the application, local anesthetic cream is applied and waited for 15 minutes, then the planned application is completed within 15 minutes.

After the face area botox application, you are not required to do heavy sports and activities for 24 hours. The applied botox effect settles after 1 week and control is planned until the 15th day.

Facial botox process lasts for 4 months, with regular applications this effect can be extended up to 6-8 months.

Sweating botox continues its effect for up to 6 months, and the effect lasts up to 8-10 months in those who have regular application.


Filling applications are in the form of hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite and fat fillings. Hyaluronic acid fillers are widely preferred today. The filler is used to eliminate volume deficiencies in the face area, to balance asymmetries, to treat sagging and wrinkles. Pre-examination and evaluation are important. The application shows its effect immediately and the effect continues for 9-24 months depending on the application. There should be no make-up for 24 hours afterwards, no sauna or Turkish bath for 1 week. The main areas of use of filler are;

• DETENTION LIGHT FILLER: age-related collapses in custody. Or, a more vigorous and healthy image can be created by obtaining successful results in the treatment of dark spots due to genetic factors independent of age.

• LIP FILLING: In the treatment of volume deficiency, asymmetry and dryness, lip filling can make you feel happy for 9-12 months with an immediate effect.

• JAW FILLING: It is applied in order to create a golden ratio in the face area and correct the profile in those with structurally small chin. Depending on the content of the filler, the effect is between 12-24 months. continues.

• CHEACH EAST: this frequently used application is used to create beautiful lines, repair sagging and collapses.

• SAKAK FILLING: It is the filling applied in temporal collapses that develop due to extreme weakness or aging.

• EYEBROW FILLING: It is used to make the eyebrows more prominent.

• HAND FILLING: It is used to remove the bony and old appearance on our hands as a result of age-related subcutaneous and skin thinning. The application continues its effect for up to 1 year.

• WRINKLE TREATMENT: It is also applied in the treatment of wrinkle lines such as nasolabial groove lines, eye contour lines, lip contour lines, forehead lines, extending from the edge of the nose to the corners of the mouth with fillers.


The sagging of the tissues after the age of 30 can make us look more tired, unhappy and old than we are. Suspension with organic threads is one of the best options for patients who do not have severe tissue sagging or who do not consider surgery. The application can be done in outpatient clinic conditions by applying only local anesthesia and in a short time like half an hour, the effect is seen instantly. The effect varies between 1 and 4 years depending on the properties of the threads applied. Treatments in the face area with the sling method;

  • eyebrow hanger
  • mid face lift
  • lower face lift
  • chin hanger
  • tickle stretching
  • nose strap
  • Almond eye aesthetics


Mesotherapy in medical aesthetics is used to improve the quality of skin and subcutaneous tissue in the face, hair and body areas, to treat skin spots and scars, to thin the fat tissue, to treat sagging, to moisturize the skin and to make it tight and shiny, to reduce hair loss and to make the hair lively and shiny. purposes are made. The application can be applied as 4-10 sessions accompanied by injections or dermapen application.

Youth Vaccines: These are mesotherapy products with special formulations, which achieve a more intense effect with fewer sessions.


It is planned as 3-4 sessions with 2-3 week intervals for the purpose of healing and rejuvenating the hair, face and body in patients who do not have any disease that prevents PRP application (cancer and chemotherapy process, blood diseases, autoimmune diseases). It is not desirable to swim in the pool and sea for 2 days.


It is to rejuvenate the skin by applying AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) contents superficially, to balance the oil on the skin, to correct the skin tone, to moisturize it and to make it healthier. It is applied except summer periods. Depending on the need, 4-6 sessions can be applied with an interval of 15 days.


Nd-yağ ve er-yağ lazer dalga boylarını kullanarak cilt ve cilt altı dokular da gençleştirme, sıkılaştırma ve yenileme işlemlerini dört aşamalı olarak gerçekleştirir. Seanslar 1 ay arayla 3-5 seans şeklinde planlanır, yüz ve boyun da en az 5 yaş kadar gençleştirici etkisi olur. Diğer tedavilerle kombine edildiğinde çok daha etkili sonuçlar elde edilebilir.

What are the aesthetic and clinical applications that can be done with Fotona SP DYNAMIS?

• Treatment of acne and scars

• Fractional skin resurfacing

• Scar revision

• Superficial and deep peeling

• Skin rejuvenation around the mouth

• Ablative skin resurfacing

• Hypertrophic scars

• Striae / pregnancy stretch marks

• Stains

• Vascular lesions

• Permanent hair removal

• Non-ablative skin resurfacing

• Nail fungus treatment

• Over-sweating treatment

• Vaginal tightening and contraction

• Urinary incontinence treatment

• 4D facial rejuvenation

• Skin tightening


Nd-yağ ve er-yağ dalga boyları kullanılarak 15 gün arayla 3-4 seans işlemle göz çevresi doku elastikiyet kaybı ,hafif torbalanmalar düzelir.


It is a laser treatment that renews and heals the skin in the treatment of problems such as acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, and aging lines. The application can be made in the last spring and winter months. It is very important to apply regular sunscreen cream for at least 1 month after the application. If necessary, sessions can be repeated at intervals of 2-4 weeks. Like other laser treatments, it is a procedure that the physician should apply.


It is the external treatment of cosmetic capillaries formed in the face and body areas with laser. Preliminary evaluation by a CVS physician and deep venous system evaluation with Doppler USG is required, especially in the legs. Sessions are planned according to the needs with 1 month intervals, along with preventive treatments and lifestyle regulation are important.


flesh moles; They are soft skin formations that are skin-colored or brown in color, usually attached to the skin with the help of a handle. Most people have one or more.

Fleas are often confused with Moles or Nevus. Since moles have the potential to become malignant, they need to be constantly monitored.

Meat moles have almost no malignant properties, that is, they are harmless skin structures. Therefore, they are skin lesions that do not need to be followed.

Fleas can be seen in every part of the body, but they are often seen on the neck, armpits, under the breasts and eyelids. These are the areas where clothes and skin rub against each other the most. The fact that moles are seen more frequently in the rubbing areas has led to the establishment of a relationship between moles and weight problems.

Other causes of moles include the effect of the sun, genetic makeup, pregnancy, sudden weight loss, use of birth control pills, and aging.

Although moles can be seen in children, they are more common in middle age and older ages.

Fleas are also called epithelial polyps.

They do not threaten human health, but because they look bad on the eyes, cause discomfort by being attached to clothes, hair and necklaces, and sometimes cause pain and redness by developing an infection as a result of irritation, these skin formations require treatment. Or, skin moles are treated purely for aesthetic concerns.

Treatment options for moles include laser, surgical method, freezing treatment with liquid nitrogen (ice treatment) and electrocautery.

Electrocautery and surgical methods are performed by applying local anesthesia.

On the other hand, in the ice treatment, redness and blistering develops in the applied area, and then recovery occurs within a few days.

Laser application is a new treatment method in the treatment of moles. There is no need for anesthesia in laser treatment, meat mole can be treated in 1 or 2 sessions.


Xanthelasma are oily growths that form on the eyelid. Genetic predisposition, familial high cholesterol, use of wrong oil-based cosmetics around the eyes may trigger the condition. The procedure can be in the form of 1-3 sessions with 3-4 week intervals.


The application we make with the Fotona sp dynamis device is a process that consists of heating and breaking up the deep fat plans and tightening the superficial skin areas, the session of which takes about 1 hour and is applied 4-6 sessions with 1 month intervals. On the day of application, it is necessary to drink up to 3 liters of water, be active and of course always eat healthy. Patients with high cholesterol levels, who do not eat well, who are sedentary and who have hormonal disorders are not suitable for such procedures. The application can be made in 4 seasons.


The literature, which was created in the light of 50 years of experience in the national and international field of medical ozone therapy, has brought physicians to an important point among the auxiliary treatment methods in many health problems with the declaration announced by the European medical ozone association in Madrid in 2010. After this date, many physicians and patients started to meet with Ozone therapy and contribute to the developing literature around the world with the Ozone therapy certification program in the field of Complementary Medicine applications of the Ministry of Health in our country.

What are the main health problems for which ozone therapy is used?

  • Strengthens the Immune System Increases Physical Energy
  • Corrects Fatigue Syndrome and relieves Musculoskeletal pain
  •  Provides General Detox
  •  Delays Skin Aging Makes Skin Look Vivid & Smooth
  •  Boosts Metabolism Helps to Lose Weight
  •  Helps relieve pain related to sports activities
  •  Helps to eliminate sexual dysfunction
  •  Corrects Vascular Circulatory Disorders
  •  It creates a natural By-Pass in the capillaries by breaking the Oxidative Stress resistance in the cells.
  •  Helps to heal Age-Related Eye Macular Degeneration
  •  Helps to heal Retinitis Pigmentosa (Chicken Black) Disease
  •  Helps to heal Diabetic Retinopathy (vascular disorders of the retinal layer of the eye)
  •  Helps to heal Diabetic Foot (Diabetes-related vascular disorders)
  •  Helps regulate blood sugar by regenerating the pancreas
  •  Helps to heal Rheumatic Diseases, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis
  •  Used in the Treatment of Antibiotic-Resistant Infectious Diseases
  •  Treats Osteomyelitis, Abscesses, Infected Wounds, Pressure Sores, Chronic Ulcers and Burns
  •  Strengthens body resistance in hepatitis B-C, HIV, Herpes diseases
  •  Helps treat Onychomycosis, Candida, Cryptosporidiosis infections
  •  It has therapeutic properties in colitis and Crohn's disease.
  •  Helps heal Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis
  •  Used as Supportive Therapy in Cancer and Chemotherapy
  •  It is used as a supportive treatment in Severe Sepsis and Multiple Organ Failure.
  •  We offer aesthetic solutions with our reliable service quality.

What is ozone therapy?

Oxygen is vital for all living things that breathe with oxygen. Oxygen can be used in medicine in two different ways for therapeutic purposes. The first of these, normobaric oxygen, is oxygen therapy used especially in hospital clinics in acute situations where breathing difficulties are experienced or in individuals with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). The second, hyperbaric oxygen, is a treatment method applied under a much higher pressure than the atmosphere and in environments containing 100 percent oxygen. Normally there is approximately 21% oxygen in the air. Owing to the oxygen rate that is increased up to one hundred percent under high pressure during ozone therapy, the amount of oxygen dissolved in the plasma increases, and the oxygen reaching the surrounding tissues increases. In this way, it becomes possible to treat many diseases, especially vascular diseases.

What diseases is ozone therapy used for?

Oksijen terapisi veya diğer adı ile ozon tedavisi, birçok hastalıkta yardımcı tedavi yöntemi olarak sıklıkla tercih edilmektedir. Bunlardan bazıları şu şekilde sıralanabilir:

• Circulatory Disorders

The disease in which ozone therapy is most frequently used is circulatory disorders. Disturbing problems such as numbness, tingling, chills and pain in the foot area, especially seen in individuals with diabetes, are caused by circulatory disorders caused by the disease. The effects of circulatory disorders in these patients can be largely prevented by hyperbaric oxygen therapy..

• Cancer

One of the methods that can be preferred as complementary therapy in cancer patients is ozone therapy. Oxygen therapy, which increases the activation of the immune system and supports the production of cancer-fighting cells, contributes positively to the general resistance of the body and helps cancer treatment. It also plays an important role in reducing the negative effects of chemotherapy due to its vitality.ar.

• Eye diseases

Especially as a result of deterioration in the structure of the vessels due to aging, damage to the optic nerves and retina occurs, which causes eye diseases. Ozone therapy applied in such cases helps to prevent circulatory problems. Although studies on whether the treatment provides regression of the disease are insufficient, it is supported by scientific research that it significantly prevents the progression of eye diseases.ir.

• Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Ozone, which has been used for water purification for a long time due to its ability to inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria, is also successfully applied in the treatment of diseases caused by these agents. It is possible to prevent persistent infections by applying oxygen therapy, especially in the fungal disease that occurs in the foot area.

Oxygen therapy other than the diseases mentioned above; It is used as a complementary treatment method in the treatment of many diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, bedsores, intestinal infections such as colitis and proctitis, diseases caused by herpes simplex and herpes zoster viruses, and liver inflammations. It is also possible to benefit from ozone in some anti-aging therapies, also known as anti-aging.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Increasing the rate of metabolism: Ozone Therapy increases the amount of oxygen offered to all body cells, while ensuring that the cells benefit from this oxygen at the maximum level. This, in turn, ensures that calories and fat are burned, not stored, as a result of increased metabolic activities. Once the metabolic rate begins to increase, there is no longer any mention of chronic fatigue, exhaustion, or apathy.

Anti-aging effect: As a result of changes and wear in our body over the years, nothing stays as it was in the youth years. Ozone therapy gives you an anti-aging energy boost, a feeling of rejuvenation, and removes the uncomfortable conditions associated with the aging process.

Strengthening the immune system: Ozone ensures that people who have suffered from various diseases can easily get rid of these diseases and prevent them from getting such diseases again. It has a very strong protective effect, especially on people who are affected by seasonal flu and other epidemics and are in the risk group.

Increase in blood circulation: On the one hand, it provides the expansion of the vessels, on the other hand, the formation of blood cells, and sufficient blood is supplied to the parts of the body that are needed. In this way, it helps in the treatment of various vascular diseases.

New cell production: As a result of the acceleration of new cell production, it is possible to close non-healing wounds. Regeneration of deconstructed tissues is possible thanks to ozone. It is ensured that the individual gets new and young cells.

Detox effect: Protection from possible harm occurs through the purification of harmful toxic substances produced in the human body. Ozone therapy, which is accepted as 'washing the blood' in the German scientific world, creates a real detox effect.

Anti-microbial effect: It provides disinfection of various disease agents such as all known viruses, bacteria and fungi. In this way, it is possible to treat diseases that cannot be treated with antibiotics or that are very difficult to treat.

Pain reliever: It eliminates the cause of pain and removes the chemicals that cause pain to be felt, allowing the feeling of pain to disappear in a short time.

Anti-carcinogenic effect: Cancer cells usually form and multiply in an oxygen-free environment. Carcinogenic cells in tissues that receive high oxygen through ozone become unable to reproduce. There are many scientific publications about ozone reducing the incidence of cancer.

Improving the quality of life: It is an ideal therapy for the treatment of stress, intense work tempo, mental and physical fatigue. Thanks to ozone, which activates red and white blood cells, people feel refreshed and their physical performance increases. Professional athletes, businessmen and artists also often benefit from this treatment.

In addition to all the benefits it provides, it increases the values ​​called quality of life by reducing or eliminating the physical and mental problems of people. Ozone therapy, which positively affects every moment and aspect of life, from increasing sleep quality to increasing mental and physical performance, brings us back our joy of life.

Who Is Ozone Therapy Recommended For?

It is recommended for people who want to protect against infections and infections or strengthen their immune system, suffer from skin wrinkles, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, depression, decrease in sexual desire, premature aging, decrease in attention and concentration, and problems due to intense stress and pressure.

In addition, for many conditions such as allergic diseases, rheumatic diseases, cancer and chemotherapy applications, liver, blood circulation and skin diseases, cosmetic problems such as wounds, acne, psoriasis, age-related vision disorders, diabetes, blood pressure, ulcers, hepatitis B and C. recommended. It has no side effects and does not interact with any medication. For this reason, we can accept ozone therapy as a natural supportive treatment method in protecting human health and fighting diseases.

Who is Ozone Therapy Not Applied to?

The diseases in which ozone therapy is objectionable are extremely limited. Patients with advanced anemia and some hereditary diseases related to blood (bleeding and coagulation diseases) are not treated. In addition, ozone is not recommended in cases where the thyroid gland grows excessively (hyperthyroidism) and secretes more hormones than normal. Newly developed cardiac infarction and some diseases in which bleeding continues actively are diseases incompatible with ozone therapy.

The Origin of Ozone Therapy

In ancient times, the beneficial effects of Ozone, which was called the "Breath of God" in Greek, and its necessity for our lives were discovered in the 1800s. Ozone is the most important gas in the stratosphere. The most important feature of ozone, which is colorless but has a unique smell and is accepted as super oxygen, is its disinfecting ability.

Ozone Therapy, which was used as a sterilization method in the 1800s, became widespread over time and started to be used in the treatment of serious diseases such as tuberculosis. Medical ozone therapy, which is a combination of pure oxygen and pure ozone, is used to give vitality and vitality all over the world, especially Hollywood celebrities. This composition destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi, thereby healing infections and wounds.

How is Ozone Therapy Applied?

Medical ozone is always used as a mixture of pure ozone and pure oxygen. Depending on the application, the ozone concentration varies between 1 and 100 µg/ml (the ozone dose is called gamma). The total dose is determined according to the person's condition and medical practice. Then, the doctor who will do the application plans how and in what amounts the total dose should be administered.

When used in low doses, ozone activates the immune system, in other words, increases the body's resistance. It accelerates cell regeneration. The main cells that make up the cellular part of our blood are red blood cells and white blood cells. In Medical Ozone Therapy, while the oxygen carrying capacity and quality of the blood are increased with Red Blood Cells, the reaction process initiated in the White Blood Cells stimulates the body's defense and repair mechanisms to act in waves.

In response to this activation by ozone, the body's immune cells produce special substances (interferon, interleukin, etc.) called cytokines. They notify other immune cells by creating a chain of positive changes throughout the entire immune system that is stimulated to resist disease. This ensures very successful results, especially in the application of medical ozone to patients with a weakened or impaired immune system.

The compounds in the serum part of our blood, especially fatty acids and other triglycerides, and ozone gas, play an important role in reducing harmful types of fat in the body over time. Another very important property of medical ozone is its ability to increase blood circulation. This property makes ozone therapy invaluable in the treatment of circulatory disorders and the regeneration of organic functions. Ozone has been proven to be a natural treatment method that activates the body's own dynamics.