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Our hospital laboratory, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Blood Transfusion Center Units closely follow all developments in this field in order to give you the most accurate and reliable test results, and work with fully automatic biochemistry and hormone analyzers by using the most modern systems and methods. Considering the importance of time for you in today's conditions, your analysis results are delivered to you as soon as possible. All your laboratory tests are performed under the control of our specialist physicians, accompanied by a Biochemistry Specialist, Microbiology Specialist and laboratory technicians.

Thanks to the advanced computer network between our laboratory operating system (L.İ.S.) and hospital operating system (H.İ.S.), all your operations are carried out through this system. In this way, maximum control and speed are provided, and the most reliable results are achieved with a minimum margin of error.

The risk of contamination is eliminated by using disposable materials during the collection of materials (blood, urine, etc. samples) and during the analysis of the tests.

Quality control is a must-do practice in order to obtain accurate and reliable results in clinical laboratory practice. For this reason, internal quality control is performed for each parameter in our laboratory and the accuracy of our data is tested. In addition, the accuracy of our data is evaluated by providing external quality control.