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As an institution, our employees are required to start work after receiving training on occupational health and safety of all personnel/interns working in terms of occupational health and safety and performing health screenings.

In terms of Occupational Health and Safety;

1. As the personnel/intern serving at the hospital, comply with all the rules regarding occupational health and safety determined within the framework of the law.

2. For your safety, comply with the written and verbal rules that the unit responsible will inform you in the department you work in.

3. Be informed about the warning signs, and inform the unit manager of the dangers that will threaten your personal safety and the safety of the environment.

4. Do not intervene without obtaining information and permission regarding duties for which you are not responsible for your safety.

5. Ensure your own safety by using your personal protective equipment. Check your personal protective equipment before each operation. In case of non-conformity of personal equipment equipment, notify the unit manager and ensure that a new one is provided.

6. Do not enter the sections for which you are not authorized.

7. In case of accidents that happen to you and possible accidents, take the necessary precautions and report them to the occupational health and safety board or your employee representative.